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Addiction: Celebrities on Drugs

The journey to addiction is the same for both, the small and the great. Money can buy treatment at a rehab facility but the struggles are still there, and so many other issues the human mind battles from dawn to sunset. Celebrities on drugs know this reality, a reality they have to face each day just like any other addict yet their lives are helplessly exposed to and at the mercy of the media. There are multiple programs and celebrity rehab available for celebrities on drugs, which can make the drug addiction treatment process easier if they are willing to go through it in spite of their busy schedules.
Many celebrities on drugs and athletes have had addictive substances associated with their deaths:
• Harris Wittels: This recognized executive producer died recently at age 30 due to drug overdose.
• Darren Shahlavi: The 42-year-old actor with a history of drug and alcohol abuse was found dead January 14, 2015 at his L.A. home.
• Philip Seymour Hoffman: This well-known actor died of a heroin overdosed at age 46 in 2014.
• Joan Rivers: This actress died of a therapeutic complication with protocol sedation at age 81 in 2014
• Cory Monteith: His death was produced by a toxic mix of heroin and alcohol. This actor and singer died at age 31 in 2013.
There are far too many people to mention. The above list it’s just an idea of how young and talented people became the victims of substance abuse. Death caused by drugs can be the result of mixing prescribed meds with other drugs whether legal or illicit. For instance, the consumption of several central nervous system sedatives, such as opioid painkillers, alcohol, or hypnotics may cause an accidental overdose due to depressed breathing. It can be very dangerous mixing illegal, prescribed or over-the-counter meds. Patients should always consult with their doctor before exposing themselves to these unsafe drug interactions. These drugs can produce a serious response leading to death. These circumstances can be preventable if the individual struggling with the addiction reach out for help at a rehab center. Help is a call away. Dial 321-203-5028 for help now.

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