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Addiction Treatment Melbourne

Over the years, various holistic/alternative remedies have been incorporated into addiction treatment that create what is known as the “Complementary” treatment model. Many of these alternative treatment processes help to alleviate stress and anxiety that is common to the people in recovery.  Although these are primarily optional programs that augment the core modalities, they have been increasingly validated by scientific and empirical research to provide an important contribution to the recovery process.

These non-invasive mostly organic processes such as bio-feedback and bio sound technology, equine therapy, art therapy, herbal medicines, yoga, meditation, medical massage, nutrition, and physical exercise among others, help to enhance the treatment process in the areas of…

  • Detoxification
  • Biomedical Assessment
  • Mental and physical stabilization
  • Receptivity to treatment through relaxation and calming techniques
  • Improved communication skills

Holistic treatment is defined as a range of methods and products that are not part of conventional medicine. The ultimate goal of these alternative programs is to restore the mind, body and spirit connection often lost through habitual drug use.

Step-by-Step to Recovery

The first step in the recovery process begins with

  1. Meeting the criteria for addiction treatment.
  2. The Admission Process
  3. Physical and psychological assessments that may entail urine analysis, blood tests, etc.
  4. The detoxification process that is typically the most uncomfortable for patients going through withdrawals from habitual drug use
  5. The design and implementation of the Rehab process where patients participate in various therapeutic and holistic process.
  6. Relapse Prevention Education and training
  7. Aftercare planning
  8. Transitional Living (Optional)

Other adjuncts to these treatment options include participating in gender specific, faith based or LGBT programs.  Patients seeking treatment for addiction also have the option to participate in a short or long term residential program, through an intensive outpatient recovery process and partial hospitalization programs.  The sober living or half-way house component of the recovery process is designed to help patients make a smooth transition from an intensive rehabilitation process to their former lives.

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