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Addiction Treatment Melbourne

Over the years, various holistic/alternative remedies have been incorporated into addiction treatment that create what is known as the “Complementary” treatment model. Many of these alternative treatment processes help to alleviate stress and anxiety that is common to the people in recovery.  Although these are primarily optional programs that... Read More →

Relapse Prevention Programs in Melbourne

Whether you are getting ready to leave rehab or you have already left the treatment center, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of success. Relapse prevention programs in Melbourne will be an integral part of that success, making the recovery p... Read More →

Addiction: Celebrities on Drugs

The journey to addiction is the same for both, the small and the great. Money can buy treatment at a rehab facility but the struggles are still there, and so many other issues the human mind battles from dawn to sunset. Celebrities on drugs know this reality, a reality they have to face each day just like any other addict yet their lives are helple... Read More →

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