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Alcohol misuse is a major problem in society, with millions of people affected by the direct and indirect problems caused by alcohol abuse and addiction. Alcoholism, also known as alcohol dependence syndrome, is a specific type of alcohol use disorder that requires alcoholism treatment. Alcoholism treatment combines detox programs with medical treatment, therapy and relapse prevention education.

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Defining Alcoholism

Alcoholism generally refers to alcohol addiction, a state defined by the uncontrolled and compulsive drinking of alcoholic beverages. Widely recognized as an illness, alcoholism has the potential to ruin almost every aspect of a person’s life. From problems associated with physical and psychological health to ongoing relationship problems and issues with social standing, the negative effects of alcohol abuse should not be underestimated.

Drug Treatment Centers Melbourne can help you break your dependence through our detoxification programs and medical treatment, along with therapy programs and relapse prevention education. If you or someone you care about is suffering from substance dependence, call our Alcohol Treatment Centers at (321) 203-5028 to speak to an addiction specialist today.


Alcohol addiction is a major problem in Florida and throughout the United States, with 28.8 percent of American women and 43.1 percent of American men classified as “binge drinkers”, according to the National Institute of Health. While the number of Florida residents addicted to alcohol is consistently lower than national figures, substance dependence continues to be a big problem in the state according to the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

With approximately 3 percent of Floridians classified as alcohol dependent, almost half a million people in the state have ongoing dependency problems. Figures from the HHS also show a very obvious shortfall in substance abuse treatment, with 16 percent of 18-25 year old residents with a medically defined alcohol dependency failing to receive treatment.

Abuse and Addiction

Alcohol abuse is defined as the repeated use of the substance despite recurrent adverse consequences. Alcohol abuse may also come with periods of blackouts and memory loss, along with hangovers and intense mood swings. In contrast, alcohol dependence or addiction is defined by tolerance, withdrawal symptoms and an uncontrollable drive to drink. Binge drinking is a specific type of abuse where the amount of drinks consumed in a single setting is more than that recommended by government regulations.

Signs of Abuse

Signs of alcohol abuse may include anxiety, depression, isolations, blackouts, partaking in dangerous activities while intoxicated, and drinking despite adverse health consequences. Signs of alcohol addiction may include increased tolerance, craving alcohol, loss of mental control around drinking patterns, and the existence of withdrawal symptoms upon the cessation of drinking.

While withdrawal symptoms can differ depending on the individual and extent of the abuse, common symptoms include feeling sick, sweating, trembling, jumpiness, anxiety and shakiness. Alcohol Rehab Centers can help manage withdrawal symptoms through our medical detox program and medications such as acamprostate, benzodiazepines, calcium carbimide, disulfiram and Naltrexone.

Our addiction professionals will guide you through every phase of treatment, and work with you to create a customized recovery treatment plan that will best suit your individual needs. As alcoholism treatment progresses, adjustments will be made to therapy programs and medication as needed.

To find out more about your alcoholism treatment therapy options, please contact Drug Treatment Centers Melbourne, FL today at (321) 203-5028.

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